paint sprayer

As a Paint Operative you will work within the Production department to prepare surfaces, clean product and apply a layer or layers of paint or coating to protect it from the elements while at the same time ensuring the professional look of the product.

As a key member of the Production team you will have the ability to be able to communicate well across the whole team.

You will also be able to carry out your role and complete the job to the required quality and standards.


To ensure health and safety requirements are met at all times in your work area.

To apply coatings including paint, plastic, and varnish to a number of products.

To prepare surfaces using metal, wood or plastic part to sand or ground surface.

To correct imperfections or roughen surface.

To carefully cleanse products to remove dust and dirt.

To cover sections of product with tape and paper.

To spray with paint and/or coating solutions.

To use spray guns to coat metal, wood, ceramic or GRP.

To mix the machine's tanks with a mixture of paints or chemicals, adding prescribed amounts of solution.

To adjust nozzles on the spray guns to obtain the correct dispersion of the spray.

To hold or position the guns to direct the spray on to the product.

To check the flow and thickness of the paint or solution.

To check the product for flaws, bubbles and/or imperfections.

To regulate the temperature and air circulation in drying ovens.

To operate the automated painting systems.

To position the automatic spray guns, set nozzles and synchronize the action of guns with speed and conveyor carrying articles.

To add solvents or water to paint items.

To tend equipment.

To observe and adjust gauges.

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