Project/Senior Project Manager

Key Responsibilities to include:

  • Provide support during the tender process by involvement in the preparation of programmes, methodology and development of quality/safety/environmental plans;

  • Ensure that programmes for the construction phase, maintaining as-built progress and producing completion programmes for live projects are in place, used and are effective;

  • Prepare Quality/Safety/Environmental Plans for any project they are involved in and ensure that these are updated, actions implemented and effective on any of their projects;

  • Undertake the requisition and procurement of labour, plant and materials within tender allowances;

  • Be aware of the commercial implications of decisions taken on a project and be prepared to fully justify these to all levels of management;

  • Management of Project and Site teams as appropriate;

  • Be prepared to implement effective delegation of tasks to team members and make informed decisions on behalf of the team in accordance with the accepted commercial and corporate rules for our business;

  • Guide and ensure that the appropriate methodology selection, preparation of Method Statements, Risk and COSHH Assessments are being implemented to a high standard and in line with our business management procedures;

  • Leadership and promotion of project compliance with the Specification and the Company Policies for Quality, Safety and Environmental issues;

  • Ensuring change control procedures are implemented across project(s) to maximise value and minimise disruption to project(s).

  • Financial overview of project in terms of: tender allowances; variances between tender and actual costs; preparation of cost to complete forecasts with QS team; ability to use financial feedback information to refine or develop methods and resources where practical to ensure a successful financial outcome for the project or limit the exposure to loss or reduced margin;

  • Maintain and develop client relationships for ensuring a successful outcome on completion and enhancing opportunities for securing repeat work;

  • Establishing high performance and safety culture by role-modelling Interserve values and ensuring implementation and adherence to Interserve Management Systems and Procedures.

  • Ensuring that all aspects of project, including but not limited to cost, design, planning, procurement, building commissioning, value engineering, risk, logistics, neighbour relations, safety, quality, M&E, BREEAM, etc.

    are appropriately managed and monitored.

  • Monitoring progress, ensuring project stays on programme, and reporting on project performance to the Operations Director on key areas, e.g.

    milestones, safety management, risk assessment, value management

  • Proactive approach to the environment and customer care of all the stakeholders involved in a project - promotion of positive image of the Interserve name to protect and promote the brand name;

  • Develop team culture to create an environment where motivation and morale is high and earn respect of team members to gain their commitment and support that ensures their optimum input in the project;

  • Participate in team development for the benefit of the individuals and the company;

  • Develop supply chain relationships with suppliers and sub-contractors for the benefit of the project and future contracts

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